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Caller Type: Scam

This is a total scam. Leaves message that under title 18 section whatever that they may issue a warrant for my arrest. I called the number back, knowing that the SSA will never call an individual for any reason, and the number answered "Social Security Administration". I asked if they were actually the SSA and they responded yes. I then asked why they called me and their response was "what is your name". I then said that if this was the actual SSA why did they call me directly since they cant and was told that I should have said that first then and hung up. Long story, shirt... this is a scam to get your SS# and personal info.
Caller Type: Scam

Some mumbo Jumbo about student loan debt. wants me to call 888-814-6654
Caller Type: Unknown

craigslist/ebay scam. Avoid
Caller Type: Scam

FAKE Social Security Administration robocall, computer voice, obviously a SCAM!
Caller Type: Survey

CNB research and survey group. Dont answer and dont do surveys.

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