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Caller Type: Non-profit Organization

This caller is looking for another way to jam anyone up ,just to get some information for their own selfish reason If this is for a charity Don’t tell us your Legitamate & that line of how wonderful you are ,this sounds like the old Tammy&JimBaker Ok Jesus loves you but Greed Lies And Hustlers he’s not fond of keep your Scam up Chase that Money your nothing but ‘CROOKS’
Caller Type: Unknown

Bad person
Caller Type: Unknown

Received a call from someone with an Indian or Pakistani accent asking if I want to sell my house.
Caller Type: Unknown

This number calls several times each day. Never leaves a message. Hop to block it.
Caller Type: SMS

Looking for Lauren from All Stars and when I told her my residence had no one by that name she became very insistent and rude saying she knew I was Lauren but now I was just a "hating bitch" like WTF you called me on the wrong number

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