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General Information
Country United States
State/Province Illinois
Probable City Glenview
Time Zone Central (UTC-06:00)
Current Local Time 17:31

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Recent Comments in Area Code 847

Caller Type: Telemarketer

I called back using *67 and then the number. There was a recording saying I have reached IMS. I think it’s just Spam.

Caller Type: Unknown

Who r u

Caller Type: Scam

Credit card scam... They called and it left a credit card scam on vm... They used my ac and first 3 digit prefix which automatically puts them on my totally untrusted Call Spoofing list...

Caller Type: Unknown

Very dirty nasty sick pervert talks dirty on your phone says he’s gay with aids won’t stop harassing me contacting police now

Caller Type: Unknown

I keep getting random phone calls from this number and other numbers with the same first 6 numbers (847.345.XXXX) which is exactly the same as my number. The last 4 digits are also similar to mine but they are switched around. Idk who these spammers are. Probably someone psycho using a spoof app. They never leave a message or text. If you losers keep calling, I’ll just keep blocking and find out who you really are.

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