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General Information
Country United States
State/Province Virginia
Probable City Richmond
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)
Current Local Time 05:57

Comments about 804-864-7247

Caller Type: Unknown

This is from the Virginia Health Department and only intended for employees.

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Caller Type: Telemarketer

This number keeps calling over and over until I answer. It is a card of some kind. It does not have a "to be removed" option so you have to return the call and ask how to remove your number. The lady always hands up on you, then you try again and it goes to her voicemail. I have left multiple messages and clearly she does not care that I want no product she is selling, nor does she have the capability to remove your details from her list. Shady as hell.

Caller Type: Scam

Has called several times at my office today- Caller ID shows up as "Sirius XM" for the first couple of times I answered no one on the other end- Finally I got a recording that says they are trying to "update our google listing". They have finagled the caller ID to show a company they are not- SCAM

Caller Type: Unknown

I got a quote from Tommy(this number) to asphalt a driveway of mine located 2 hours away (3 inches thick, 9 by 100 feet). His relative Eric Smith tells me that he completed the job of putting down asphalt at 3 inches thick. As soon as I hand him the check, Eric tells me that he put it down 3 inches thick but shorted me and just to call him and he would finish the job. I was in shock. I talked to my builder the next day that happen to watch Eric asphalt part of my driveway. My builder asked Eric how thick he was asphalting and Eric told him 2 inches. My builder tells me that my driveway will not last long being put down this thin. My builder told me that Eric had a job down the street the same day and that Eric probably thinned it out and shorted me because of this. My builder measured the driveway he asphalted and it measured 8.5 feet by 100 feet. They shorted me 50 square feet of asphalt and a couple tons of asphalt by putting it down 2 inches thick instead of 3 inches thick per contract. I asked Tommy and Eric Smith to revolve this and they are ignoring me.

Caller Type: Telemarketer

Got a ring from this number just as I was starting to update several pieces of windows software. Could be a coincidence. Every time I update windows software, it seems to happen. Too much of a coincidence.

Caller Type: Unknown

This is from the Virginia Health Department and only intended for employees.

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