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General Information
Country United States
State/Province Virginia
Probable City Richmond
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)
Current Local Time 02:01

Comments about 804-241-1337

Ann Onymous
Caller Type: Unknown

scammer, fraudster, telemarketer

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Caller Type: Unknown

Very persistent scam caller

Caller Type: Unknown

scammer, fraudster, telemarketer

Caller Type: Unknown

Caller left a garbled message some kind of update and left a different call back number than the caller ID showed I assume its a scam.

Caller Type: Unknown

Unknown: Caller ID says "West Point, VA". Called but left no message.

Caller Type: Telemarketer

This number keeps calling over and over until I answer. It is a card of some kind. It does not have a "to be removed" option so you have to return the call and ask how to remove your number. The lady always hands up on you, then you try again and it goes to her voicemail. I have left multiple messages and clearly she does not care that I want no product she is selling, nor does she have the capability to remove your details from her list. Shady as hell.

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