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General Information
Country United States
State/Province Colorado
Probable City Denver
Time Zone Mountain (UTC-07:00)
Current Local Time 02:08

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Recent Comments in Area Code 303

Caller Type: Unknown

Must be spam...left no voicemail

Caller Type: Scam

spam call

Caller Type: Scam

Say yes scammer

Caller Type: Telemarketer

(303) 963-8123 is from Home Advisor in Denver, Co.

Caller Type: Scam

DETAILS: 1. Call From Telephone Number:1-303-547-1552 2. Caller I.D. shows Call from:"Unknown Name". 3. Call Received/Recorded On Date-Time:03/30/2018 6:53PM MST. 4. Recorded Information Retrieved on Date-Time:03/30/2018 7:16PM MST-Bogus Spam Scam for Annoyance Only with NO Message actually Left. 5. Internet Number Lookup Shows as:"Denver CO.". 6. DISPOSITION:Erased/Deleted from my Primary Computer Telephone System AFTER Documenting/Saving to External Media and Reporting. Call(s) Type and Dispositiom: Phishing/Bogus/Scam/Annoyance Call(s)", To my Colorado 303 Area Code Landline Telephone Number - HOPING for a LIVE Answer - but ACTUALLY NOT Personally Answered by ME - IS instead "Auto" Answered, by my "Silent" NO "Annoying" Audible Ring Telephone System, with MY Recorded Message, and their Message (IF Any) then also Recorded, With ALL Pertinent I.D. Information also Logged, all to be Retrieved LATER at MY Convenience.

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