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General Information
Country United States
State/Province Oregon
Probable City Oakland
Time Zone Pacific (UTC-08:00)
Current Local Time 03:59

Comments about 541-315-2111

Carla Gebert
Caller Type: Unknown

This is my phone number and has been since 2012. As of a week ago I have been getting calls from a Douglas Clement claiming he has a friend who just moved to Sutherlin a little while ago and was given my phone number through Charter Communications. What the hell? I have since had to block him from calling my number and I am going to be contacting Charter to try to get to the bottom of this nonsense.

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This doctor lied like a rug when my mother was dying. He tried to cover it up but here I am writing a review about him and warning others in the Ashland/ Medford area about this crooked drug abusing MD. robert w eckert 541 201-4900 Dr. Robert Eckert MD doctor that lied like a rug and tried to cover it up LOL look how that worked out for you robert.

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