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General Information
Country United States
State/Province Arizona
Probable City Phoenix
Time Zone Mountain (UTC-07:00)
Current Local Time 17:30

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Recent Comments in Area Code 480

Caller Type: Unknown

Comes up as Elizabeth Canna. Leaves no message. Call it back and it just rings.

Caller Type: Scam

Pinnacle Nissan is constantly calling my cell phone. Never have do e any business with them. Asked them to stop calling me but they still do.

Caller Type: Scam

Got off work & found a post-it note on my car with the message “Please call me about your car 480-217-9354 Gary”. My immediate thought was that the person leaving the note had hit my car or witnessed someone trying to break in & wanted me to know. (had a cracked windshield, but that was a few days old so didn’t think anything about that). After inspecting my car & not finding any damage, I called & was told that he wanted to fix my windshield, I told him I felt it was highly inappropriate to try to solicit business in this manner. I do not appreciate having a ‘scare’ due to an informal note on my car after a long day at work. Furthermore, with this happened in the parking lot of a private business that does not allow solicitations & was reported to them. If someone is legitimately trying to make an honest living I can respect that. However,if a business has nothing to hide, they should be honest & use proper advertising materials. Trying to trick/scare people into calling because you post an ambiguous note on one of their more valuable assets is dodgy at best. I let ‘Gary’ know this is how I felt & he snapped back at me! Shared this story w/ a work colleague & they too found the same post-it note on their car. She called her husband because she too was scared it meant something happened to her car that she could not see. Her husband called ‘Gary’, learned he was soliciting business & told him they would be using their insurance company for their windshield repair referral & not him. ‘Gary’ is NOT someone to do business with!!!

Caller Type: Unknown

really bugging me

Caller Type: Survey

when i called back it said the survey is now finished. I have no idea what this recording meant, probably scam.

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