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General Information
Country United States
State/Province Iowa
Probable City Riverside
Time Zone Central (UTC-06:00)
Current Local Time 08:15

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Recent Comments in Area Code 319

Caller Type: Prank Call

They are making obseen remarks

Caller Type: Telemarketer

Telemarketer - calling to decrease your credit card debt. This person is very insulting and calls from various cell phone numbers. Yesterday was a South Dakota number.

Caller Type: Unknown

I own this phone number and have been receiving calls from people saying I called them. I have not. The only thing I can think of is that my phone number has been spoofed. I apologize to anyone who has been victim of these spoofed calls. Multiple times a day I receive calls from cell phone numbers - I answer them to find that there is a recording on the other end. There has got to be a way to stop this from happening to both parties involved (phone number owners and the person who was called by the spoofer).

Caller Type: Scam

This person called twice during dinner tonight. The first time he said "hold on" about 28 times being a smart ass n*****. The second time he told me he was going to out his 9 inch dick in my mouth and I was going to suck it. I called the number back and it sounded like a 3 way call. The guy talking was talking about cartel and sneaking marijuana into the country.

Caller Type: Unknown

319-238-9148 this number sends text msgs and will not disclose who they are. But they know you. Says this number belongs James and Tonya and Kaylee from Oelwein, Iowa area.

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